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We are presently an all natural farm with free range, forage raised pigs, goats, chickens and cattle.  Our animals are raised naturally, fed organically and handled humanely.  Our commitment to knowing what is in what we eat and grow has developed into a passion for how stock is raised and handled.  Our property is a combination of wild meadows and forest allowing our animals to range daily foraging on a wide variety of native grasses, weeds, and plants. 

Welcome to Helena Lake Ranch!

Over the past 6 years we have been developing an all natural habitat for various ranch stock and wildlife.  Situated on 200 acres of mixed forest and meadows, Helena Lake Ranch borders the lake and is surrounded on all sides by miles of crown range land.  This 4 season paradise offers a tranquil setting as it is the only private property on the lake.  From fishing to horseback riding. Cattle penning to ice hockey. There is always something going on at the Ranch.